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Unformatted text preview: . 10 at 111:11.) Henderson also testified that Shepard made demeaning remarks toward Blaney. Henderson claims that at a staff meeting, she witnessed Shepard made a derogatory 170 remark about Blaney leaving to "fix her lipstick" when Blaney excused herself from the meeting. (Dkt. # 44, Henderson Dep., Ex. 8 at 56:6-7.) She also states that on another occasion, Shepard commented about Blaney wearing a skirt and high heels on the factory floor. (Dkt. # 44, Henderson Dep., Ex. 8 at 40:14-18.) Lastly, Henderson claims that she was treated differently than her male co-workers. She claims: (1) that she was excluded from the annual sales meeting because she was a woman; (2) Tiziano Christian and Mohammed Alwan, two male employees, were not terminated even though they made poor presentations to Shepard; (3) male employees were allowed to rescind their resignations; and (4) Henderson was locked out of the building following her termination and was denied the opportunity to access the GE network or find alternative work within GE. II. DISCUSSION A. Defendants' Motion To Strike Defendants urge the court not to consider Henderson's deposition testimony that Gawin, Kasdan, and Madrisotti told her that they believed the reason they were leaving GE IMV was because they were women. Defendants maintain that these statements are inadmissible and that the court cannot consider them when deciding the pending motion for summary judgment because they are unsupported, speculative, and hearsay. (Dkt. # s 44, 56.) The court shall construe defendants' request as a motion to strike. 1. Standard Of Review *7 [1] "[A] motion to strike is appropriate if documents submitted in support of a motion for summary judgment contain inadmissable hearsay or conclusory statements, are incomplete, or have not been properly authenticated." Merry Charters, LLC v. Town of Stonington, 342 F.Supp.2d 69, 75 (D.Conn.2004) (citing Spector v. Experian Info. Serv. Inc., 321 F.Supp.2d 348, 352 (D.Conn.2004)). "In ruling on a motion to strike, the court applies the...
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