Sometime in the spring of 1985 after working part

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Unformatted text preview: aging agent of Tallahassee Furniture, and he had performed odd jobs and yard work for the managers of Tallahassee Furniture. As a result of this experience with Turner, he was then hired to work part-time for Tallahassee Furniture at what was referred to as the "fairground sale," a semiannual event involving the sale of household furniture and other merchandise at the local fairgrounds. Sometime in the spring of 1985, after working part-time for approximately three months, Turner was hired to work full-time as a furniture [**4] deliveryman. Although this job entailed the delivery to customers' homes on a daily basis at times prearranged with the customers, no job interview was conducted, no references were requested, and Turner was not asked to complete a job application form. Turner was first hired to work as a junior member of a two-man delivery crew, in which the driver was the lead employee. By the late summer of 1985, Turner became a driver and was allowed to drive a company truck home. 33 Harrison was a student at Florida State University, living alone in an apartment. For her birthday, Harrison's father, a stockholder in Tallahassee Furniture, offered to buy her a couch of her choice. She picked out a couch from Tallahassee Furniture and made arrangements to have it delivered. Turner and another employee delivered the couch sometime in October 1985, at which time the delivery crew also assisted Harrison in moving a bed and a few other belongings to a new apartment, the place where Turner's attack upon Harrison later took place. During this moving process, Harrison offered the deliverymen a broken television set, which she said she wanted to discard, but was unable to carry it down three flights of stairs. [**5] Turner accepted it. Harrison later discovered the couch was defective, a new couch was ordered, and Harrison was told that it would arrive around Christmas. On New Year's Eve, Harrison fell asleep while watching television on her couch. She was awakened the next morning, on New Year's Day, by a knock on her door. She recognized th...
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