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Unformatted text preview: Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall "Double taxation" refers to the fact that the corporation itself must pay taxes on its net profits, and the stockholders must also pay taxes on the portion of those same profits distributed to them as dividends. Answer T "Knocking on the doors" of businesses an entrepreneur would like to buyalthough they are not advertised "for sale"is a waste time. Answer F ____ percent of small businesses sell on credit. Seventy-seven ____ recognizes any improvement in quality may improve a companys competitive ability. Return on quality _____ are those things that a business owns which have value. Assets _____ is simply the money owed the firm by customers because theyve purchased goods or services on credit. Accounts receivable ______ gives owners the security of a sales contract but permits them to stay at the helm for several years. The two-step sale ______ is a small number of customers to give you feedback on specific issues in your business quality, convenience, hours of operation, service, and so on. Focus Group ______ is not a primary goal of a competitive intelligence program: All these are primary goals of a competitive intelligence program ______ is the process of creating and delivering desired goods and services to customers, and involves all of the activities associated with winning and retaining loyal customers. Marketing ______ publishes Annual Statement Studies, showing ratios and other financial data for over 650 different industrial, retail, and wholesale categories. Robert Morris Associates ______ puts the customer at the center of a companys thinking, planning, and action and shifts the focus from a product or service to customers and their needs and wants. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) _______ are negative external forces that inhibit the firm's ability to achieve its objectives. Threats _______ are positive internal factors that contribute towards accomplishing the company's objectives. Strengths _______ are those items of value the business owns; _______ are those things the business owes. Assets; liabilities _______ are those things that a business owes; they represent creditors' claims against the business. Liabilities _______ is a process in which computer software that uses statistical analysis, database Data Mining _______ is the notion of drawing customers into a store by creating a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, smells, and activities, all designed to entertainand, of course, sell. Entertailing _______ publishes key business ratios for 22 retail, 32 wholesale, and 71 industrial business categories. Dun and Bradstreet, Inc. _______ ratios tell whether or not the small company will be able to meet its maturing Liquidity ________ are the broad, long-range attributes the small business seeks to accomplish; _______ are the specific, measurable milestones the company wants to achieve. Goals; objectives ________ corporations have shares that are controlled by a relatively small number of people - ...
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