1 and 2 Samuel - is bad. They are defying the Word. 3.3.2 A...

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1 the 'Nations' want a King - bad idea 2 Samuel (Judge) 2.1 God's Messenger 2.2 'priest' 3 1 Samuel 3.1 Ch 7 3.1.1 Ark is moved 3.1.2 Samuel tells all the Houses to put away their idols. 3.1.3 Samuel is a Judge, but during is speech on the breaking of the Word he is a Joshua speaker A mixing of the two Joshua/Judges personalities 3.2 Samuel appoints his sons to be Judges over Israel. . Didn't work 3.3 Israel request a King due to weak Judges 3.3.1 God tells Samuel to listen to the will of the people even though it
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Unformatted text preview: is bad. They are defying the Word. 3.3.2 A King is to be appointed, but will go downhill and Samuel is to warn them of this so they will see the Word of God is right. The people still refuse and want a King. 3.4 Saul is Chosen to be king 3.4.1 He is described beautifully. . Not typical. 3.5 13:8 3.5.1 Saul is waiting for 7 days. Saul waits, Samuel doesn't come back and Saul does the sacrifice himself. This is bad. .. not Saul's job....
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