In order to aect the actual value of arguments a and

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Unformatted text preview: •  See next example… 7 Pointers and Addresses (cont’d) •  Example: int x = 1, y = 2, z[10]; int *ip; /* ip is a pointer to int */ ip = &x; y = *ip; *ip = 0; ip = &z[0]; /* /* /* /* ip now points to x */ y is now 1 */ x is now 0 */ ip now points to z[0] */ 8 Pointers and Func1on Arguments •  Since C passes arguments to func1ons by value, there is no direct way to alter a variable in the calling func1on. Example: swap(a,b); /* will not swap */ … void swap(int x, int y){ int temp; temp = x; x = y; y = temp; } 9 Pointers and Func1on Arguments (cont’d) •  The call by value cannot affect the value of the arguments a and b because the func1on only swaps copies of a and...
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