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History of Jazz; Reading and listening for Test 2 Ch. 7 —Read from p. 104--up to and including p. 108. Read Johnny Hodges (first three paragraphs, pp. 110-111). Read Jimmy Blanton (p. 116). Read from Diversity of Ellington’s Music (p. 118) to the end of p. 120. Ch. 6 —Read pp. 80-83. Bass; Read first paragraph—Again, Blanton is important (pp. 83-84). Drums (pp 84-85) Read pp. 99-101. Ch. 8 —Read all, except Kansas City Five (p. 129). Ch. 9 —Read pp. 133-143, up to and including Monk’s Piano Style. Read Drums (pp. 145-146), particularly for be-bop drumming in general and for Max Roach.
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Unformatted text preview: Read Piano and Bud Powell (pp. 146-147). Read Trumpet for Miles Davis (p. 148). Read pp. 157-161. Listening Jazz Classics CD Cottontail, Duke Ellington (track 25) Prelude to a Kiss, Duke Ellington (track 31) Harlem Airshaft, Duke Ellington (track 32) Transblucency, Duke Ellington (track 38) Taxi War Dance, Count Basie (track 44) Misterioso, Thelonious Monk (track 73) Shaw ‘Nuff, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker (track 50) Demonstration CD (reinforces lecture material) Same Tracks as for Test 1, plus: Tracks 21-32 and 72-77...
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