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paper 2 sirens - Willy Stout March 27, 2008 English 101-15...

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Willy Stout March 27, 2008 English 101-15 Music and Thoughts Sandy strands of still sea. Silver streams, shivering in the Sandymount shhhhh. Splish, splash. Acqua, agua, voda, vatten, wasser. No one is there. I walk alone. Toc toc toc. Old man of the sea. He is there, watching, waiting, he knows. Herdsman. He herds seals. Seals are herded. Keep going. Only he knows and only he can tell. He only will tell and only can NO! I need to find the answer. “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” Sixteen:Sixteen. A strange number indeed. Did you know? A secret, no. one. could. be. told. “you are the messiah.” Answered Peter. “Then he strictly ordered his disciples to tell no one that he was the Messiah.” Rome. La fontana di Valle Giulia all'Alba. Un’opera bellissima, meravigliosissima, affascinantissima, brillantissima, issimissima, issimissinissima. Sirens. Done. Begin! White. Then grey. Then white again. Warm. Then cold. Then warm again. - Sand is comprised of short soft small silica, no longer than two millimeters in diameter, and is a natural occurring granular material. It’s smaller than hard gravel but bigger than silt. It’s funny you see, the sea acts as a painter, but only has two colors on its palette. Not even two colors, two variations of the same color. Stephen said before sipping on his white morning milk. White and foamy like the waves. - But wait! Is white even a color at all? Or is it absence of color? Or is it all the colors in one? - Hmm. It must be all. Ineluctible modality of the visible. If you shut your eyes you can still see. Watch, Toc toc toc. See? The table is still here. - Anyway we are digressing, listen to the story first and then ask questions. I was already getting irritated at having to stop to explain. Stephen should be more patient. If he was more patient he wouldn’t get irritated so easily and be easier to talk to. Oh well. What can we do. Whacawe do. Whacaedo. Let the story continue. - The old man of the sea was born on the sandy island of Pharos, right off the coast of the Nile Delta. His name is thought to be derived from protogonos, meaning firstborn or primordial. - But I thought Poseidon was the first sea god… - There are many different versions and classifications to Greek mythology. One says that Proteus is Poseidon’s son, another says Proteus was the first sea god. Poseidon was son of Chronos, and managed to be saved from certain death by his mother. - I know, I know the story of Chronos. Let’s not lose time, continue. - Ok thank you. So Proteus is the god of the sea and one of his abilities is to see the future. He doesn’t like to be asked questions though so his other ability is to shift shapes, Stephen continued. Shapeshift. Shifting sea shapes. Shape the sea.
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paper 2 sirens - Willy Stout March 27, 2008 English 101-15...

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