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Unformatted text preview: 10 Grade Details 1. Question : The most famous of free speech case was Abrams v. United States. Which of the following Supreme Court Justices was not involved in this decision? Student Answer: Oliver Wendell Holmes Louis D. Brandeis Joseph McKenna CORRECT Earl Warren 2. Question : Theodore Roosevelts life was perhaps the perfect symbol for the United States. Which of the following was he not known for? Student Answer: Cowboy War hero CORRECT Mayor Governor 3. Question : The explosion on which United States battleship led in part to the Spanish-American War? Student Answer: U.S.S. Michigan U.S.S. Minnesota CORRECT U.S.S. Maine U.S.S. Massachusetts 4. Question : There were many examples that inspired the reform-minded spirit after 1900. Which was not an example? Student Answer: Muckrakers CORRECT Plessy v. Ferguson Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire The Jungle 5. Question : In a way that paralleled the fight for women to achieve equality, African American leaders also thought that their participation in World War I would provide an opportunity to advance the status of the entire race. The most heroic were the Harlem Hellfighters, which had the distinction status of the entire race....
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