Civilization is represented by the materials then

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Unformatted text preview: er applications. • Civilization is represented by the materials then developed. Stone age (20000 BC – 6000 BC) Bronze Age (3300BC -1200 BC) Iron Age (1200BC - ) Electronic Ages structures structures Structures at different levels Structure of Bee Hive A Million Dollar Breakfast Lotus leave 出出出出出出 selfclean Self-Clean Hydrophobic Self-Cleaning Very Clean Surface Application Surface structure Electron Microscope Detailed surface structure Electron Microscope (b) Artificial Surfaces Hydrophobic Self-Cleaning Test Optimized Hydrophobicity Housing Targeted Application Window Films • • • • for UV reduction shatter resistance reduced solar heat gain in summer heat loss in winter Window Film Technology Structure of a typical window film • • • • • a = release liner with silicone coating; b = adhesive layer with UV inhibitor; c = clear or tinted polyester film; d = adhesive layer; e = metallised layer for heat rejection on clear polyester...
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