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10/27/2020Abdominal | Completed | Shadow Health 1/1Abdominal Results | Completed Health Assessment - Fall 2020, NUR 310 Return to Assignment(/assignments/366641/) Documentation / Electronic Health Record Notes Student DocumentationModel Documentat Tina Jones is a 28 year old female, admitted for IV antibiotics with a foot infection and fever. Upon her gastrointestinal exam her stomach is protruberant and has striae around her umbilicus and there was excessive hair growth. Her liver was palpable 1cm below the right costal margin. Otherwise her exam was within normal limits. She denies any current abdominal issues and her last bowel movement was yesterday morning. She denies having constipation, or diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. She describes her stool as a light or dark brown, formed and denies blood, or mucus in her stool. She denies any food intolerances, or GERD. She states a urinary frequecy of every one to two hours when she is awake and it wakes her up at night. she
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