Other energy sources q what other sources of energy

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Unformatted text preview: .  ­turns out the answer is very controversial; • some countries do not accurately report their reserves • it is difficult to know with great accuracy how much oil remains in undiscovered reserves • future reserves are likely to be ‘unconventional’ meaning that they will rely on more remote oil reserves that may require greater processing to use (e.g. tar sands and oil shales require greater energy to extract and process oil) ~800 billion barrels have been pumped out of ground already  ­a lot of additional oil has been found but not pumped out  ­possibly huge amounts await to be discovered  ­the amount of oil is somewhere between 1500 ­3000 billion barrels of oil Q: how many years do you think this will last? What does this estimate depend on?  ­worldwide we consume ~43 billion barrels per year worldwide so ~35 ­70 years Problems with fossil fuels:  ­pollution, mining, greenhouse gas emissions Q: How many have heard of the ANWR controversy? Arctic National Wildlife Refuge  ­amt. of oil there is ~11 billion barrels with ~7 billion within the protected region (compare this to ~120 billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable oil in the rest of the US)  ­natural wildlife would be harmed by oil production (calving grounds for caribou); worry about oil spills; network of infrastructure would disrupt migration pathways...
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