Acting against this is population growth and

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Unformatted text preview: d and extract resources is improving….why?  ­ technology and our knowledge of how to find resources are improving  ­this increases the number of locations where resources were once thought un ­economical to extract Q: what counters our ability to produce more resources?  ­acting against this is population growth and industrialization esp. of third world countries (greater demand) Value of a Resource  ­the value of a resource depends on the quantity, quality and the demand of the resource  ­some (e.g. gold) are so valuable that they are mined even when in small quantities  ­this means that the resources is profitable (ores are profitable) Q: what are some factors that make a resource unprofitable?  ­depth of burial; remote location; not enough supply; deposit requires significant processing to extract mineral; market fluctuations Mineral Resources There are 5 main mechanisms that concentrate mineral deposits: 1) hot, aqueous solutions flowing through fractures and pore spaces in crustal rock form hydrothermal mineral deposits  ­sulfides are used in agriculture, industry  ­manganese used in steel production and other industry  ­ occurs at spreading centers where the heat from volcanism heats the sea water which allows it to react with the surrounding rock causing a change in composition of that rock  ­typically vents manifest as “black smokers”: hydrothermal vent that supplies minerals built up over many years; cooled when in contact with sea ­water; support interesting ecosystems in the deep ocean (where the energy sources is not sunlight) 2) magmatic processes within an igneous rock form magmatic mineral deposits  ­quartz, sulfides, gold, nickel, platinum, diamonds  ­typically these minerals are form...
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