Glacier runoff is decreasing causing reduction in

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Unformatted text preview:  ­US consumption of oil is ~8 billion barrels  ­estimates of total reserves in ANWR is relatively uncertain Q: if you were president of the US what would you do about drilling in ANWR? Other Energy Sources Q: What other sources of energy can we use as a society? 3 “other” sources (biomass energy, hydro ­electric, nuclear) and 4 renewable sources (solar, tidal, wind and geothermal) Biomass  ­wood, animal dung are used for cooking account for ~14% of world total energy use Q: where is most usage of these fuels occurring?  ­developing countries  ­care must be taken to ensure that it is not harvested at unsustainable rates which can lead to deforestation  ­biodiesel (oil from plant matter) is also a growing energy source but again, must make sure that growth is sustainable  ­in some countries need to balance the need for fuel versus the need for food (don’t want the price of corn/soy etc to get so high because of demand for fuel that people starve) Hydroelectric Q: how do we get power from water?  ­dam up rivers creating large reservoirs that are fed out at certain rates; kinetic energy of water moving provides energy source or gravity drop (potential energy release) from a large dam wall; turbine is turned Q: what problems occur with dams (ie. what else is dammed besides water)?  ­sediment, which can build up over time reducing the lifetime of any given reservoir  ­large hydroelectric plants have been recently built in China, India and Brazil; Canada also produces quite a bit of power and many countries are looking to expand into smaller hydro ­electric plants (have lower environmental impacts)  ­need to have viable rivers for this power source  ­some hydro plants are currently experiencing grea...
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