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Unformatted text preview: atic environment diving activities and dive planning diving safety handling diving problems and emergencies Course Purpose and Scope Course Purpose and Scope • For perceived liability reasons, the University • • closes our course with the completion of the classroom meetings and the confined water training. Therefore, open water training dives and scuba certification are NOT part of of the university’s course. However, we will offer the open water training and certification as NAUI Scuba Diver as an additional option outside the University setting near the end of the semester. Certification Options Certification Options 1) Join us in the open water training and certification that • • we have set up for the end of the semester Weekends of April 23 – 24, April 30 – May 1, and May 7 – 8. Fees for all equipment, materials, instruction, certification is $120. 1) We can give you a referral form that you can present 2) 3) elsewhere as verification of your readiness for open water training and certification. You can contract for another time with any of the UT scuba instructors (This could be joining in with next semester’s open water training). You could decide that the life of a diver just is not for you. Certification plays no part in your course grade. Swimming Ability Evaluation Swimming Ability Evaluation • Comfort in the water is essential to being a safe diver. At your first pool lab we will ask you to: – – – – Sprint swim 50 yards in 50 seconds Swim a distance of 200 yards, nonstop, any stroke(s) Float/tread water for 10 minutes Swim 50 feet on a single breath (underwater) • If you are unable to complete any of these skills during our first pool lab: – – – Work on your strokes and stamina Please perform the skills by the first quiz (week 8). Gregory Gym Aquatics Facility has recreational swimming hours • You must complete the suite of skills if you intend to proceed to certification. You must be medically fit You must be medically fit • You have completed a medi...
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