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Basic week_01 Intro M-S-F


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Unformatted text preview: cal history form. – For your own safety we hope you completed it honestly. • If there are any medical questions (or other • paperwork problems) we will ask you to come see one of us at the end of this class. If questions remain, you will be asked to obtain written approval from a physician. – Contraindications are generally some condition that might cause you to lose consciousness underwater or compromise your breathing underwater. • We are concerned about your own safety as well as that of your future diving partners. Grade Determination Grade Determination • Knowledge (50% of final grade) – Two Quizzes: Count 25% each • Skills and Participation (50% of final grade), based on active lab experiences plus skill development – There is a 3% grade penalty for non­attendance in a lab. – You may miss one pool lab without penalty. • If you miss more than one pool lab, you can make it up by attending • another lab. You must make any up if you want to continue to certification. If possible, missed labs should be made up during the same lab cycle (especially early in the semester) • If you are trying to make up a missed lab, preference is given to students who are registered in the specific section. – Pool lab attendance is tracked with a sign­in sheet. – If sick or injured and cannot dive, attend & sign in as “present” and observe ­­ unless contagious. (IF YOU DON’T SIGN IN, YOU ARE NOT THERE.) CPR / AED CPR / AED • A certification class in Adult CPR and AED • use is included as a part of this course This will be at the last lab of the semester. If you already have a CPR certification: – You may show me your card to opt out of participation that week. – Howeverm CPR protocols just changed (November 2010), so you are encouraged to re­certify. Nota bene Nota bene • If you plan to continue to certification with us, you must: – Score at least 80% on Exam 1 (the NAUI Scuba Diver exam). – Have missed no more than one pool...
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