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Basic week_01 Intro M-S-F

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Unformatted text preview: in on time in order to finish on time. Meet at the south end of the pool. The first time you enter you will register at the front control desk. You will need your UT ID card to get into the TSC. Pool labs Pool labs • NOTE: Our pool lab weekly cycle Does Not Begin on Monday. • Each week’s set of labs begins with the Tuesday evening lab (after this class meeting) and ends with the following Tuesday afternoon lab. Lockers at TSC Lockers at TSC • Day­use lockers are available at the TSC. – You must supply your own lock. • If you have gear you have to leave (like mask and fins) a few assigned lockers are available. • Locks, swim suits, and other swimming paraphernalia can be purchased at the Texas Aquatics store on the second floor of TSC. Equipment Equipment • All equipment necessary for this course is • furnished (including masks & fins). You are welcome to bring and use your own gear. – We recommend you have your own mask, snorkel, and fins. • These are personal items, and fit, comfort, and familiarity will enhance your learning. – Some area dive shops offer package deals. Shops are listed on longhornscuba.com. – If you have your own gear, ask for a locker. Required Materials Required Materials • All reading assignments are from the NAUI Scuba Diver textbook. The text comes in a “NAUI Scuba Diver Educational System” that also contains a single­use Activation Code for the new NAUI eLearning program. – Plus a set of NAUI Dive Tables, Logbook, Workbook, etc. • If you purchase the SDES and use the NAUI • eLearning program, you will take the first quiz online rather than in the classroom on week 8. Text materials can be purchased locally at Oak Hill Scuba, 6156 Hwy. 290 W. (discounted price) Oak Hill Scuba has offered to deliver your SDES to campus. Course Purpose and Scope Course Purpose and Scope • This course includes classroom and pool training covering: – – – – – – – – skills for skin and scuba diving diving equipment diving physics medical aspects of diving the aqu...
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