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Unformatted text preview: lab. (Any misses beyond one must have been made up.) • Exam 2 (at the last regular class meeting) will include material in the text as well as information presented in class and/or labs that is beyond the information in your textbook. Health and Fitness s Good health is important for diving. s You should refrain from scuba diving if you are not well. The best way to maintain fitness for diving is diving or swimming. Stay active. Medications and scuba diving do not always mix. s s What’s Next? Scuba diving is one of the best activities that you will ever enjoy. s Certification as a diver is your License to Learn. Basic Diving Equipment Mask Snorkels Fins Boots • • • Purpose Selection Equipment Care Student Performance: By the end of this lesson you will be able to: s s s Describe how to select diving equipment. List the basic equipment you need to go skin diving. Explain how to care for basic diving equipment. Buying Diving Equipment There are several reasons to go to a diving retailer. s You can see and wear gear before you buy. s Scuba retailers can help you with assembling and adjusting the equipment. s Scuba retailers provide instruction for specialized gear. s Scuba retailers will service equipment. s Scuba retailers rent equipment. s Scuba retailers are your source for scuba cylinder fills and last minute required items. Basic Personal Equipment Comfort and Fit are extremely important! • Mask • Snorkel • Fins • Boots Masks s s s s Enable you to see underwater. Most important is that the mask fits your face and is comfortable. Some of the esential features of masks are: There are many optional features. Some include: New Masks s The lenses are covered with a thin film of preservative/lubricant. s You can use toothpaste, SofScrub, or cleanser to remove the protective film. s Each time you use your mask you will want to prepare it. • Commercial defoggers are available. • In a pinch, spit works well. Snorkels s s s s Enable you to breathe normally while you watch the beauty below. There are a few basic features: Optional features include: The most important things...
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