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Katherine Har November 30, 2007 Document Analysis: The Trial of Charles I: A Documentary History The Army’s Role in the Trial of Charles I and its Support in Parliament The role of the army in the events surrounding the trial of Charles I was closely tied to the English Parliament. The importance of their mutual support is apparent because the connections between the ideas discussed both in the Army and in Parliament ensured a larger than otherwise support base for the Commonwealth and Protectorate. This connection appears evident considering that during the two Civil Wars in England the Army fought on the side of the Parliament, against the King and his own forces. The army was also involved with the High Court of Justice which tried Charles I; the hundred thirty-five commissioners for the trial are mainly Army officials and members of the House of Commons. When considering the accounts, the Army’s role in the trial of Charles I’s was largely as instigator of and participants in actions that were supported by the more revolutionary factions of Parliament. By the end of the trial proceedings, Parliament, as a result of the systematic consolidation of support for actions taken by the Army, affirms through voting, expressing their support and legitimize, actions that had
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Document Analysis 2 - Katherine Har Document Analysis The...

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