Enables horizontal scaling of the data tier without

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Unformatted text preview: nternally-developed pure Java OR mapping solution. – All CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations are performed through DAL’s abstraction of the data. – Enables horizontal scaling of the Data tier without application code changes ay • D y n a m ic D a ta R o u tin g a b s tr a c ts a p p lic a tio n d e v e lo p e r s fr o m eB – Database splits – Logical / Physical Hosts – Markdown – Graceful degradation • E x te n s iv e J D B C P r e p a r e d S ta te m e n ts c a c h e d b y D a ta S o u r c e s 28 © 2 0 0 6 e B a y In c . Scaling the Application Tier – Vertical Code Partitioning . • Partition code into functional areas • Application is specific to a single area (Selling, Buying, etc.) • Domain contains common business logic across Applications ,I nc • Restrict inter-dependencies • Applications depend on Domains, not on other Applications • No dependencies among shared Domains SellingDomain P e r s o n a liz a tio n D o m a in BuyingDomain BillingDomain eB UserDomain ay UserApplication SellingApplication BuyingApplication BillingApplication SearchApplication U s e r V a lid a tio n D o m a in S h a r e d B u y in g D o m a in m y E b a y D o m a in C o r e - D o m a in 29 Applications SearchDomain S h a r e d B illin g D o m a in S h a r e d S e a r c h D o m a in Shared Domains A P I D o m a in L o o k u p D o m a in © 2 0 0 6 e B a y In c . Scaling the Application Tier – Functional Segmentation • Segment functions into separate application pools • Minimizes / isolates DB dependencies • Allows for parallel development, deployment, and monitoring V ie w It e m P o o l nc . SYI Pool http://cgi.ebay.com … http://cgi5.ebay.com … CGI0 CGI5 … … ay ,I Load Balancing Load Balancing AS IIS IIS IIS eB IIS IIS WebServers AS AS AppServers AS AS AS Load Balancing 30 User Acct Caty1 … Caty20+ © 2 0 0 6 e B a y In c . Scaling the Application Tier – Platform Decoupling • Domain Partitioning for Deployment – Decouple non-transactional domains from transactional flows . • S e a r c h a n d b illin g d o m a in s a r e n...
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