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1. What are the advantages of using franchising as a growth strategy? What are the disadvantages? Advantages of using franchising as a growth strategy include additional outside capital for growth, additional management, lower risk for a franchisee, and assistance with advertising, promotions and operations management. Disadvantages include lower potential profits, quality control, and difficulty with image control. 2. Atlanta-based ValuJet offers inexpensive air passenger service for cities such as Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Miami, Indianapolis, and Dallas/Ft. Worth. What do you think of the brand name used by this service form? Suggest strengths and weaknesses of this brand name. What impact did the crash in the Florida Everglades have on ValuJet's brand name? I think this is a good brand name. It suggests that the service is inexpensive. A weakness may be that some people may associate “Valu” with “cheap” which is often perceived negatively. 3.
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