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Unformatted text preview: ): "Then Gualtieri [...] led her out of the house, and in the presence of his entire company and all the other people there, he caused her to be stripped naked. Then he called for the clothes and shoes which he had had specially made, and quickly got her to put them on, after which he caused a crown to be put on the dishevelled hair of her head." Petrarch (Seniles XVII.1): "Then, lest she bring into her new home any trace of her former condition, he ordered her to be undressed, and to be clothed from head to foot in new garments. This was carried out discreetly and speedily by the ladies in waiting, [...] her dishevelled hair was combed and braided by their hands, and she was adorned for the occasion with jewels and a crown" This image and the text corresponding to this image may only be used for noncommercial, educational, and scholarly purposes. ImagePage 17 of 17...
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