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Written Assignment: 11 People 1. For Diets To You what types of conflicts occur with employees? How can these be reduced? The description of Diets To You which we were given does not give much detail to allow us to answer these questions thoroughly. Based on the minimal information we are given, the only potential conflict I can see is an Employee-organization conflict, resulting from having two bosses. Steps to reduce this conflict include making sure employees understand policies, empower employees, train employees to make decisions, management should support employees decisions, and make sure job descriptions are clear and tasks are assigned fairly. 2. For Diets To You what types of conflicts occur with customers?
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Unformatted text preview: How can these be reduced? I could foresee two conflicts with customers; customer-customer conflicts and customer-organization conflicts. To reduce customer-customer conflicts, Diets To You must train employees to handle such conflicts, separate customers who may conflict with one another, treat all customers fairly, and make sure customers are aware of what to expect. So as to reduce customer organization conflicts, the company should explain rules or policies that are of concern to the customers, negotiate settlement with the customer, or analyze policies to ensure they remain current....
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