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Written Assignment: 10 People 1. Look up two of the following companies on the Internet. Go to the employment opportunities section. Pick one of the jobs listed. Discuss the job in terms of the job characteristics of skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback DDB Seattle ( http://www.sea.ddb.com ) Disneyland ( http://disney.go.com/disneycareers ) Doubletree Hotels ( http://www.doubletreehotels.com ) Cool Works ( http://coolworks.com ) Andersen Consulting ( http://www.andersen.com ) Cool Works- Cruise West, bartender: This job requires a moderate level of skill variety in requiring the ability to mix drinks, lift certain amounts of weights and have physical capacity for certain semi-strenuous activities, and be able to effectively serve and assist passengers aboard the ship. Task identity is fairly high because of the great deal of customer a contact associated with this position. I believe there is a moderate degree of task significance. To the customers who use
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Unformatted text preview: a bartenders services, their performance is fairly significant to the passengers. Bartending would have a moderate to low degree of autonomy. In terms of feedback, the bartender would receive feedback from both the passengers on the ships and their surperiors. 2. Discuss the issue of control that would be involved for Diets To You. Explain why the company, the employees doing the work, and the customer all want to maintain control. The issue of control that would be involved for Diets To You is that customers give up control of the meals that they eat each day. The company wants to maintain this control to allow the clients to lose the weight and receive the benefits that they enrolled in order to receive. The customer wants to retain this control because each individuals appetite is satisfied differently and it is difficult for someone else to determine how to satisfy this appetite....
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