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Written Assignment: 07 Service Quality 1. Consider the concept of gap theory. Can you cite personal examples of the first five gaps? What suggestions would you offer the service provider involved in these instances? Gap 1- A personal example that I can recall of Gap 1 is when I had my oil changed at Monroe. All I had expected was to have an oil change, but Monroe also rotated my tires. Gap 2- Students at Clarion expect to have the cost of handouts and other materials given to them by their teachers paid for by their tuition. However, due to budget constraints, students often have to pay extra for these. Gap 3- When calling a tech support line for a product such as a computer, you expect the person you speak too to have the solution to your problem. Sometimes though, the problem may not be one the technician has ever encountered before.
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Unformatted text preview: Gap 4- This also can be related to calling a tech support line. Often, at the beginning of a call your told how long you can expect to wait. However, when there are large call volumes and other customers have lengthy problems, the wait is often far longer than expected and you are placed on hold numerous times. 2. Research the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award on the Internet ( http://www.quality.nist.gov ). What service companies have won the award? In your opinion, what impact has the award had on the quality of service provided by service firms? Some service companies that have won the award are Pals Sudden Service, Merril Lynch, AT&T, and Fed Ex. I think the award would lead to companies striving to achieve higher standards in an effort to win the award....
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