Sociology 101 paper 2 - Sociology 101, Section 1 In her...

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-1Sociology 101, Section 1 In her piece, McIntyre mentions multiple ethical considerations for people doing social research. An ethical consideration is something that a sociologist, or other social scientist, must consider before doing research. McIntyre emphasizes that because sociologists are professionals, they must act of the interest of the people they are studying, and not just themselves (McIntyre, 2009 44-45) These include making ethical versus moral decisions, not abusing power, and keeping private information private. The one of these i found most important was making ethical and moral decisions. McIntyre states that sociologists are a new type of professional, and as such to act unethically is to act unprofessionally (McIntyre, 2009 44-45). Sociological professionals consider themselves professionals because their work cannot be properly judged by people who are not sociologists, among other reasons(McIntyre, 2009 44). Thus they are at a higher standard to make ethical decisions in doing their research than others would be. Another factor in their work, according to McIntyre, is “The nature of professional’s job
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Sociology 101 paper 2 - Sociology 101, Section 1 In her...

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