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Lecture 7 Notes
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The 38 th parallel UNSC authorizes MacArthur onlyt o repel aggression MacArthur wanted to keep moving north, and Truman and JCS give their approval, despite Chinese warnings of intervention Chinese Intervention Enter conflict after warning US CALLED MACARTHURS TO OCNFERENCE IN WAKE ISLAND (TINY ISLAND IN PACIFIC THAT AMERICANS had taken from japs) When Truman got there and got off the plane, MacArthur didn’t salute Truman (which offended him) and just shook his hand o Truman wans to get rid of Macarthur o Sadfhjkasdfhkjadsf im taking notes B-29 ripped apart by something China renames their military force People’s Volunteers (CPV) rather than PLA, so the Soviets wouldn’t be drawn into this. Beat US and S Korean forces back across 38 th parallel Soviet fighters plus Chinese experience and numbers challenge US firepower superiority, bring conflict to a stalemate by spring 1951 MacArthur Sent letter to republican dude criticizing his policies, but was still seen as heor upon return to America Potential Escaltiaon and Sticking ppints in Negotiations MacArthur loses prestige after Chinese enter war. Truman sacks him in 1951 Negotiation talks at Panmunjom drag on for nearly 2 years bcause of the POW issues After stalin dies in March 1953, participants finally reach an armistice Korean Wart conclusions Us stops commie aggression but a heavy costs Cold war fully militarized, sino-us hostility hardened Chinese gain prestige but end war deeply dependent on soviets Us forces remain in Korea Dictators in Taiwan and south Korea demand assistance in economic modernization Japanese economy reenergized
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