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Automation Control for Cars - Automation Control Systems...

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-1 Automation Control Systems for Cars Introduction The effort to develop cars with fully automated driving systems is one that is growing quickly . With peoples obsession about making everything as easy as possible, having a car that can drive them rather than the other way around is something they look for . Currently their are few vehicles with this kind of technology, and those who have it are still limited . However, continuous research is going into the development of automated control systems . Over the next few years you will see more and more cars with the ability to drive without the aid of an actual driver . History of Automated Systems One recent development in the area of automated control systems’ is driverless cars . This is a type of intelligent transportation system(ITS). Also, along with alternative propulsion , it is seen as the main technological advance in car technology by 2020 . The goal of this is to lessen traffic on certain roads and eliminated some of the heavy congestion drivers face . Hopefully having cars be able to travel without drivers would save money, reduce vehicle wear and improve safety . All this while lessen human effort and allowing for a more relaxing and fulfilling trip to work . The first driverless or autonomous car was actually made in Japan in 1977 . This car was able to reach speeds of up to 20 MPH, simply by tracking street markers . The next advancement in this area was done by the Mercedes-Benz corporation who made a “robot van” which was able to travel at speeds of up to 60 MPH on roads without traffic . A true advancement came in 1995 when a re-engineered autonomous S-Class Mercedes-
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Benz took a 1000 mile trip from Munich in Bavaria to Copenhagen in Denmark and back, using saccadic computer vision and transputers to react in real time(Opentopia) . This vehicle reached speeds of over 110 mph while on the Autobahn
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Automation Control for Cars - Automation Control Systems...

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