soc101 paper 3 - Sociology section 2 Culture Conditions...

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-1Sociology section 2 Culture Conditions Actions Culture is not just the simple phenomenon that many people see it as. Often times culture is viewed as only the people and things around you, and that it does not truly affect anything. However, according to Kluckhohn and Kroeber, culture is much more than that. They said culture consists of patterns that will shape human behavior. It also affects what artifacts these use, the beliefs they have, the values they have and the actions they take(Kroeber and Kluckhohn, as quoted by McIntyre , 2009 97 CC). So according to this, everything you do is shaped by the culture around you. Without culture, actions would have little to no meaning, and would not be different among different groups of people. This is why culture is so vital to understand people, because culture conditions actions. There are many examples of how culture conditions actions. One is from the article Queer Customs, by Clyde Kluckhohn. Kluckhohn talks about the idea of taking on multiple wives in America versus other places around the world. He says American woman would be strongly against it, while a Koryak woman of Siberia would not understand why a woman wouldn't be one of many wives(McIntyre, 2009 65). This difference is based solely on the cultural values of them
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soc101 paper 3 - Sociology section 2 Culture Conditions...

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