Soc 101 Paper 5 - Sociology 101 Section 2 Social...

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-1Sociology 101 Section 2 Social Institutions A social institution is a set of roles, statuses, values, and norms that are accepted by society, and respond to important societal needs( McIntyre 2009, 137). In essence, they are a set of rules that governs the behavior of a set of people. As they are the structures and mechanisms of social order, they help us determine why people act the way they do, and why they choose to comply with the social norms. Some examples of institutions are education, the military, and the family. Another example is law, because it is central for rule making and the enforcement of these rules. As these social institutions go, so goes the society many would argue. However, they do not in all cases conform to the core values of US society. One article which helps to explain this is Socialization Messages in Primary Schools , by Steven Brint, Mary F. Contreras, and Micheal T. Matthews. In this article Brint and the others looked at the messages sent to students in primary schools. The examined 5 different aspects, including classroom interactions with teachers, the curriculum, routine classroom practices, school wide programs and the use of public space(Brint, et. Al 2009, 162). They felt that all of these things affected how successful students where in school, specifically in their ability to socialize, and how socialization was being taught. These different factors all effected kids in primary schools throughout Southern California, as they studied 64 schools in this
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Soc 101 Paper 5 - Sociology 101 Section 2 Social...

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