Types ofPersuasion paper(ComSt 401)

Types ofPersuasion paper(ComSt 401) - 7/4/07 Persuasion...

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-17/4/07 Persuasion paper There are many different methods that people can use to persuade and sway the opinions of others. I will explain how some of these are used to persuade people in magazine ads, editorials and other media outlets. While some of these theories overlap each other, they all have their reasons from being used. The methods stretch from talking up others weaknesses to getting others to agree with you, but they are all methods of persuasion. The first example of this I will explain is forensic discourse. This is when you essentially use detective work to make the point of your argument. Much like a detective would solve a case; forensic discourse uses evidence and facts to prove a point. An example I found of this was an article written by Peter Keating in ESPN the Magazine. In the article he uses facts and reasoning to explain why Lebron James is the Most Valuable Player in sports. He talks about how much he has improved his team as whole, but his main reasoning is about money. He points out that James has increased his team’s value from $220 million to over $380 million. This places a small market team such as Cleveland in the top 10 in the NBA in value, and shows the value of one player. Keating was able to use factual evidence to prove his point, and did a job of deductive reasoning. However, this is just one of many ways in which a story can be persuasive. Another form of persuasion that can be used is intensification. This can be used in a couple different ways. In an ad or article, a company can intensify their own good points in attempt to make you like them. However, it can also be used by someone to intensify the bad points of someone or something else. An example of this latter method I
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found was in an article from the Daily Evergreen by Nate Balko. Balko writes about the addictiveness of gambling and the negative repercussions that can result. He points out how people can go in for a night of fun, but this can turn into a lifelong addiction. He pulls in personal stories of a trip to Las Vegas and the things he saw happening. The
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Types ofPersuasion paper(ComSt 401) - 7/4/07 Persuasion...

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