terroist paper for comst 401

terroist paper for comst 401 - 6/21/07 Terrorist Situation...

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-16/21/07 Terrorist Situation Sometimes an extreme situation can cause you to do things you would normally consider immoral or unethical. However, when the ends justify the means used, then these actions can be justified. When a terrorist has been captured who has knowledge of a bomb that can kill thousands of people, there is little I would find unethical to extract this information. Saving the lives of people, even when you have to sacrifice your own morality, is worth doing. I would be willing to act unethically in many peoples eyes because people’s lives are more valuable than my own beliefs and morals. Using psychological appeals is how I would begin my interrogation of the terrorist. I think using pathos, or appealing to the terrorist’s emotions and sense of guilt would be the perfect place to start. While some would argue that to be a terrorist you must be completely inhumane, and thus wouldn’t feel any guilt, I disagree with this idea. Every person has morals and actually knows what is right and wrong. By making the terrorist see this he will hopefully remember the ideals he used to have before his thoughts were tainted. Appealing to his emotions like this would possibly obtain some
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terroist paper for comst 401 - 6/21/07 Terrorist Situation...

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