SPN 325K Review - SPN 325K Review Pedro de Ona"El Arauco...

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SPN 325K Review Pedro de Ona “El Arauco Domado” in1596 He was born in Chile, published in Peru El Bano de Fresia y Caupolican - Describes Caupolican as the ideal manly, muscular body - Caupolican jumps into the water, Fresia is described as beautiful and white even though she is Indian (white possibly referring to wealth, not having to work outside in the sun, class issue) - “El Blason” the Italian model, the white neck and face, the description of the female body from the top to the bottom - Compares Fresia to Dafne, uses story of Apollo, refers back to the Roman model Sor Juana “Este que ves” Written in Madrid, 1689 - know 3 different interpretations 1) a painting of her, she was beautiful but she didn’t want people to think of her as pretty but as intelligent 2) attacking the blason, the traditional way of viewing women 3) attacking any of the authors that used the “carpe diem” because they were using women as objects and back then women did not have a voice in poetry - 14 th verse—you can trace it back to Luis de Gongaras last verse in his sonnet o “no solo en plata o viola troncada/ se vuelva, mas tu y ello juntamenta/ en tierra, en humo, en polvo, en sombra, en nada” Luis’s last verse o controversial because was she quoting his last verse in her 14
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SPN 325K Review - SPN 325K Review Pedro de Ona"El Arauco...

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