Idiot Nation - Chris Molaei Eng 101 In Idiocracy we Trust...

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Chris Molaei Eng. 101 In Idiocracy we Trust: Analyzing Michael Moore’s Idiot Nation In “Idiot Nation,” author Michael Moore argues that we as Americans are becoming less intelligent in regards toward academics. He says this is due to lack of reading. Focusing on information that he expects we should know and have been taught throughout our academic career, Moore proclaims that forty-four million Americans can not read or write above a fourth grade level(164). While Moore gives some important facts and statistics about the knowledge most of us Americans share, he does not explain thoroughly enough about where he gets his statistics and well as proclaiming that we are less intelligent for not knowing small meaningless facts that could mean little to nothing to most people in America. According to Moore, not being able to read or just choosing not to read is what is keeping us as a whole, less intelligent. He knows that it is a problem our country is facing and he knows that the public is somewhat aware of this issue. He states we, “go out of our way to remain ignorant and stupid as a nation.” (164) Well who are we to blame for this? The government? President Bush? Ourselves? The answer, according
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Idiot Nation - Chris Molaei Eng 101 In Idiocracy we Trust...

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