Chapter 9 - Lewinsky

Chapter 9 - Lewinsky - had been Paula Jones Linda Tripp had...

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Chris Molaei Political Science Chapter 9 – Media and the Lewinsky Scandal: A Perfect Storm Throughout the entire scandal, many people were trying to manipulate the situation to suit their agendas, most notably the conservatives who were tired of Bill Clinton and his policies. They saw this as the best opportunity they were likely to get to turn public opinion against him. Meanwhile his supporters attacked the partisan motives of his accusers and claimed the scandal had no impact on his official duties. Soon the scandal became a divisive issue, making people think about what was important to them in a politician. Much of the reason that things turned out the way they did, is because of the selfishness of a number of people. Mike Isikoff had been after Clinton about his sexual affairs for years, as
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Unformatted text preview: had been Paula Jones. Linda Tripp had only herself in mind when she decided to betray the confidence of Monica Lewinsky and Kenneth Starr backed by many conservatives had decided that they'd had enough of Clinton. However, had Clinton wanted to avoid the entire circus show that occurred, he should have plainly told the truth rather than obscure the facts and deny the accusations. Somewhat surprisingly, most people drew a clear distinction between private and public character. They saw the scandal as the president's private behavior, not connected to his public life or their own lives. I agree with that sentiment and still believe that the positive aspects of Clinton's presidency far out shine any negative....
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Chapter 9 - Lewinsky - had been Paula Jones Linda Tripp had...

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