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Chris Molaei Unit 4 Essay “Should We All Be Thin?” In today's society, women of all shapes, size and color are being made to feel inferior. This is brought on by the constant bombardment of advertisements imploring people to see things their way. After being exposed to this phenomenon, women are blaming themselves for not looking the way that other people think a healthy woman is supposed to look. This can be very detrimental to one's spirit and outlook on life which manifests itself in depression, suicide and the loss of one's self-esteem. The constant comparisons we are taught to make are the reason people in western society feel like they can never achieve happiness and never be contempt with their life. Models today are subconsciously offered to societies as the comparison by which all men and women are judged. It occurs to us less and less that beauty can be found on the inside as well as the outside and as we gradually put this theory aside, the unattainable beauty of some photoshopped model (for most people) becomes our life's pursuit. Women specifically are taught that beauty is the most useful means of power. Not the power to do but the power to attract. Now as one might imagine, this way of thinking isn't apt to push young girls in the right direction when confronted with the question of one's purpose in life. To preen, for a woman, can never be just a pleasure. It is also a duty. It is her work. If a woman does real work―and even if she has clambered up to a leading position in politics, law, medicine, business or whatever―she is always under pressure to confess that she still works at being attractive. But in so far as she is keeping up as one of the Fair Sex, she brings under suspicion her very capacity to be objective, professional, authoritative, thoughtful. Damned if they do―women are. And damned if they don't. (Sontag 280) Sontag is saying here that women today are oppressed by the choice to keep up with other women or to
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obtain a successful, rewarding career. “How easy is it to start off by defining women as caretakers of their surfaces, and then to disparage them (or find them adorable) for being “superficial.” It's a crude trap, and it has worked for too long.” (280) “It does not take someone in the throes of advanced feminist awareness to perceive that the way women are taught to be involved with beauty encourages narcissism, reinforces independence and immaturity.” (279) We have all experienced this repercussion to one degree or another but think about what this can do to a society if left unwatched.
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Unit 4 Essay - Chris Molaei Unit 4 Essay"Should We All Be...

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