d3 - Haddad Courtship Dancing vs. Nightclub Dancing I...

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Haddad Courtship Dancing vs. Nightclub Dancing I stepped into Benjamin’s Nightclub and the song, Get Low by Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boys suddenly blasted into my ears. There was a small dance floor at the center of the room and a DJ with his turntable on the side of the floor mixing the loud music. He only played upbeat, hip-hop and R&B songs the whole night. He increased the bass to emphasize the beats in each song. As an effect of this, the dancers jerked their bodies on every beat and they were dancing in a fast speed, showing that they had a lot of energy. Alcohol was present in the club, but only on the side tables; it is not allowed on the dance floor. It may contribute to how some people were dancing if they were drinking, but there wasn’t anyone who was noticeably intoxicated. The dance floor was crowded with dancers, about 65% females and 35% males. They were either dancing closely in pairs or in small groups of three or four. I noticed that a few men were dancing all around and jumping from one group of ladies to another, acting as if he was part of their group. Some of the women got really sexual with the men. There was barely any space between them and they kept intentionally, bumping into each other, especially down in the private area. A huge difference between Haddad dancing and club dancing is that Haddad is gender separated. The men and women stood at least a foot apart from each other in Haddad, but at the club, men and women touched basically every part of each other’s bodies. Also, in the club, the
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d3 - Haddad Courtship Dancing vs. Nightclub Dancing I...

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