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Anand Chawla NetID: achawla2 UIN: 669140391 Midterm 3 1. How has HIV/AIDS had an effect on Sub-Saharan Africa? In which areas of the region has the spread of this disease been the greatest? What can be attributed to the higher and lower rates of this disease in the region? HIV/AIDS has had a huge impact on Sub-Saharan Africa on all aspects including demographic (Adults in their prime working age will die), economic (a 2% drop in GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa) and social (increase in demand, and lack of, health care). The hardest hit region is Southern Africa with an average of 20% of the population living with HIV/AIDS, with Swaziland being the highest at 39%. The higher and lower rates of HIV/AIDS can be attributed to each respective government’s ability to admit there’s a problem and then promote safe sex (A decrease in HIV/AIDS affected in Uganda) 2. Discuss the ethnic tensions that have taken place in Rwanda and Burundi. Be certain to cite the major players in this conflict as well as the reason for these tensions. The origin of this tension started out when the Hutu President died under suspiciously odd conditions in a plane crash. The Hutu’s (Rwanda) interpreted this act as the work of Tutsi rebels (Burundi). The Hutu’s subsequently led a genocide to wipe out half a million Tutsis. Tutsis then seized power and the Hutu’s consequently fled Rwanda. Now, over a million refugees reside on the Rwandan border but political instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo saw a sudden, large scale repatriation in 1996. The present day sees peace between the two groups. 3. Why was the Berlin conference both an important event and an important symbol of European colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa? As African colonialism began to popularize amongst European colonial forces, there
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Midterm 3 updated - Anand Chawla UIN: 669140391 NetID:...

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