Midterm 2 - How does urban form vary across the four...

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How does urban form vary across the four regions? To what extent does urban form reflect the respective histories of the regions? (Population and Settlement) Urban sectors in both the past and present are major sources of income, trade, and business for all regions. Europe, unlike The Russian Domain, South Asia, and South East Asia, is predominantly urban but the other three regions are more concentrated amongst small areas of land. However, all four regions represent the core-periphery model with relative similarity. Additionally, it is relatively clear that the form of urban sectors can clearly the reflect histories of the different regions . The landscapes of Europe reflect high levels of urbanization, but at the same time, historic preservation. Most European states witness more than half of their population in an urban area, while the United Kingdom and Belgium see an urban population greater than 90%. While most of the European region’s (especially Eastern Europe) urban form follows the core-periphery model with one or two cores, the wealthier states such as Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany, and France all have at least four large urban areas. Europe’s history is divided into several different eras, the medieval era, the Renaissance, and the Industrial revolution, and today’s European urban forms have managed to integrate all three eras. It is quite clear that in European cities, historical preservation measures have been taken, while at the same time a growing urban sense of place has occurred. For example, Paris’ tightly clustered houses and streets are of the medieval period, while the Renaissance period is represented through the broad boulevards and large public buildings with gardens. In addition, the post industrial era including high-rise
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Midterm 2 - How does urban form vary across the four...

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