Final Report - More people are on the move than ever...

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More people are on the move than ever before. According to the UN, 13 million people - or 2% of the world's population - are moving at any given time. Today, 80% of the inter- national movement of people is within North America, and Southern & Western Europe. However, a growing number of people are moving in other parts of the world. A record number of people are crossing borders, often making long and difficult journeys in search of a better life. There are also 9.2 million (UNHCR 2004) people who are refugees, forced to migrate to escape war or persecution – the lowest number of refugees for 25 years. From 1991 to 2001, more than half of Britain’s population growth has been due to the phenomenon of immigration. Today, Britain is one of the most diverse regions on the planet accounting for Caucasians, Africans, Indians and Pakistanis, Chinese, and many more. Additionally, since the EU expanded recently, the UK has been the top destination for immigrants of the 12 new EU states. This trend is set to continue as the UK’s popula- tion is forecasted to increase by 15% where a continuing influx of predominantly Afric- ans and Asians coming in. Globalization has clearly played a role in the ever-diversifying Britain, as the immigration wave doesn’t seem to be slowing down as many more people look for better lives in the UK. Migrants are mostly concentrated around the more developed areas of the UK, most not- ably London and Birmingham as can be seen with the map below. While Liverpool and Birmingham do consist of migrants, clearly the majority is concentrated in South East London, with many people also in the suburbs of the UK.
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In the United Kingdom, as many as 3000 languages can be heard, but the most people race of people in the UK who were born outside Britain are Indians and Pakistanis, fol- lowed by Germans, Caribbean people, and Americans. The leading cause of migration into Britain is due to economic factors; as people seek from overseas seek higher earning jobs and glittering career paths. Additionally, with the institutionalization and the expan- sion of the European Union, freedom of movement has seen a large percentage increase in the number of Eastern European people (most notably Polish and Albanians) migrating
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Final Report - More people are on the move than ever...

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