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**Western Styles Viennese Waltz- originally from Bavaria. Came to Paris in 1700s “Volta”- banned from courts. Britain in 1812. Fox Trot- more social. Harry Fox. 1914. Lindy Hop 1924/Jitterbug 1930- part of swing, danced to jazz music, black dancers **Latin/Cuban styles Rhumba- African slaves, maracas Salsa- 1959. From Mombo dance. Popular in 1970. ChaCha- voo-doo. 1954. Tango- done by only women at first. From Argentina: danced passionately by lower class at bars. 1910. Americanized. **Classical Indian Dance: 7 styles Odissi- temple dance. Most sexual. Slow. Women celebration. S-curve movements Hindu Gods- refuse ego and become one with god. Refuse senses and materialism. Perfection. “Natya Shastra”=dance guide: dance not physical, makes weak strong, energizes the heros. 1) Brahma=creator 2) Vishnu=merciful preserver of mankind 3) Shiva=creator of good knowledge and destroys evil (lord of the dance) -brings structure to the flawed world, realm of higher forms and Christianity=perfection. 4) Krishna=love links us to god. “Krishna Lilas” a dance of refusing ego by love to Krishna. “Maha Ras”=love of gopis(milk maidens) to Krishna dances. Bharatya Natyam- in Tamil Nadhu. Devadasis were married to the god of the temple. Almost died out when British came. Rukimini Devi revived: created Calashektra school. Timless impression: angular poses. Physically making love to Krishna. Natya= drama tells stories. Face, body, limbs. Nrtya= expression, Nrtta= pure dance 108 “karanas”= basic poses: carved into temple. 32 “angaharas” =phrases. “Chollu”=drums and chants. “rasa”=8 universal emotions. Ballet: perfection (truth and beauty) of aristocracy. Higher realm of existence. Long tradition. Kathak-
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sgd - *Western Styles Viennese Waltz- originally from...

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