History 152 - History 152 Themes 1.Expansion of The United...

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History 152 Themes 1.Expansion of The United states -Interests (middle east, eastern asia, north korea, china, S. America) .all occurred 140 years -Influence – oil, non terrorism -Power around world 2.America as the promise land - Ideals of the u.s. – opportunity, freedom, to do what you want (limits), live with out fear. Life liberty, persuit of happiness. Federal Government -How much is a good amount? -what events changed us? 3. Southern social system-based on slavery How government should work? South didn’t want politically any interference in the way they lived North=taxes, industry Economics-growing factories in the north Trade, merchant, money Southerners want focus on farms Couldn’t see themselves living like the northern ways. u.s. conquered south after war. 1865-south defeated, end of civil war U.s. gov’t in control What will the u.s. become? .The northern vision A. Reconstruction Make south into North Lincold didn’t want to mess with the south (only wanted to eliminate slavery and have southerners take an oath) South back in union Andrew Johnson became president in spring of 1865 (he was a southerner, from tn.) 1865 – 13 th (prevents involuntary work) Radicals – pre-war aboulisionists (thinks south needs change!) Half of southern population=blacks. Whites still want to continue slavery
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Black Codes -laws claimied deliberately to remain control over blacks- extra taxes, no land Black adults – Vagrancy Act -recreated version of slavery Violence! Next two years radicals vs. Johnson (over reconstruction) Congress vs President (Congress will ALWAYS win.) 1868 Johnson was impeached(everyone including Johnson now knew he had lost control) .was now taken over by radicals (reconstruction) Ratified – 14 th (1868) 15 th (1875) Make amendment – congress 2/3 state legislatures 2/3 Can ratify amendment ¾ CHANGE IS IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE, NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Created Equally between the black and white—
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History 152 - History 152 Themes 1.Expansion of The United...

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