Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement - I. A. B. II. A. B. C. Civil Rights...

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I. Civil Rights Movement 11/05 A. Little Rock B. Montgomery II. JFK A. Election B. Cuba C. Vietnam Efforts to solve race problems Starts 1950’s (little earlier with Roosevelt) Made Americans realize we had problems War desegregating 1947 – Truman ordered 1947 1 st professional black Major League Baseball player Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers) By the end of the season he is well liked by his teammates and fans Helped break color barrier in sports 1954 critical Supreme Court Ruling Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, KS .thought was wrong that his daughter had to travel far to go to school when there was a better school down the street Earl Warren, liberals (believe was in supreme) This was trying to break separate but equal Separate = INEQUALITY Under 14 th amendment = can’t have inequality .narrowly focused on schools .segregation of schools = unconstitutional .deep south resist this rule -urged to keep school segregated - Eisenhaur thought was bad ruling .southern states start to pass laws to not have schools not segregated .private schools can do as they please; state started giving funds to those schools .public schools shut down .KKK maintain segregation .same problems in south Little Rock, AK -Central High School Focus on ruling in 1957 Formerly all white – Following school year 9 blacks would attend Government- Orval Faubus -announced he couldn’t guarantee safety of students
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Civil Rights Movement - I. A. B. II. A. B. C. Civil Rights...

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