Culture to preserve history o o o o 7 aesthetic

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Unformatted text preview: ngs reed pipes and chimes o Purposes of Africa n dance Religious Social Rites of passage Political Te strengthen community bonds An expression of culture To preserve history o o o o 7 aesthetic principles Polycentrism Holistic Polyrhythm Epic memory Curvilinear Repetition Dimensionality Characteristics of African dance Danced on the bare earth with bare feet • Therefore the style of dance is often flat footed with glidiing or dragging or shuffling steps Frequently performed from a couched position • With knees flexed and body bent at the waist Imitates animals in realistic detail Centrifugal ­ exploding out from the hips/ pelvis Themes Warrior Hunting Love Rites of passage Welcome Possession and summoning Harvest, government, work, court, religion etc. Ghana Located in the heart of West Africa Ashanti are the major group Symbol of Ashanti unity is the Golden Stool • Rural society • At the height of their power in the early years of the 19th century • Asantahene ­ chief • Fontomfrom ­ chief of drums • Kings is expected to dance and is never jerky always dignified, deliberate, majestic, elegant • Drum censorship • Dwo ­ means coolness to be calm and peaceful....
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