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Religulous 3 t he pe ople of earth have som ehow be

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Unformatted text preview: IGULOUS 3 T he pe ople of earth have som ehow be en able to su rvi ve u nder the s c ru ti ni zi n g ju ri sdic tio n of an i nfluen ti al, ye t spec ulati ve en te rpri se all abo ut t ryin g to u nde rstan d the m se lve s. It’s n ow cle ar ho w m ost of the li ght ye ars i t t oo k to ge t he re w e re spe nt j ust tryi n g to i de n ti fy charac te ri sti c s that w e re e mpiric ally te stab le an d co mmon to all of Earth’s re li gi on s. Hum an re li gio n i s mo re o f a be li ef sys te m than i t i s on e thin g or the o the r....
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