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ETH125 Week 4 Quiz - Ch. 5 Schaefer This is a multiple choice quiz and each item is worth two points for a total possible of 60 points. There is only one correct response for each numbered item, and you should use the Schaefer text as needed to de- termine the best response. Place the letter of the correct answer next to the corresponding question number on the answer sheet. Review your work prior to submission and make sure you have responded to all questions. Save your work and upload the answer sheet only via the Assignments tab by the due date. The 10% deduction late policy applies, and please remember the CoO. 1. The largest ancestral group of European Americans is a. French. b. Irish. c. German. d. Norwegian. 2. Which of the following groups has always been considered White by the English? a. Irish. b. Germans. c. Swedes. d. none of these 3. The principle of third-generation interest states that a. the grandchildren of the original immigrants would have an increased interest in their ethnicity. b. the grandchildren of the original immigrants would have a decreased interest in their ethnicity. c. the children of immigrants would have more of an interest in their ethnicity than their children. d. none of these 4. The emphasis on ethnic foods and ethnically associated political issues was called __________ by Herbert Gans. a. symbolic ethnicity. b. ethnic paradox. c. ethnic identity. d. ethnic practices. 5. The maintenance of one’s ethnic ties in a way that can assist with assimilation in larger society is re- ferred to as a. integrated ethnicity. b.
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