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Unformatted text preview: Précis 3-26-08 In George F. Kennan’s “The Sources of Soviet Conduct” (1947), he states, “it is easy to regard to the Soviet Union as a rival not a partner, in the political arena. It must continue to expect that Soviet policies will reflect no abstract love of peace and stability…but rather a cautious persistent pressure toward the disruption and weakening of all influence and rival power. Kennan’s view of Russia is to keep communism contained, and to let the Soviet Union fall on its own without spread of communism. He also feels America must keep a close watch on The Soviet Union because they do represent a threat to the United States. This article gives a glimpse on how much of a different path The Soviet Union’s plans and government have gone compared to and America’s. Walter Lippmann shows his opposition towards “The Sources of Soviet Conduct” in “A Critique of Containment” (1947). He argues that the struggle between America and the Soviet Union would result in no more than the hope of a Soviet “break up” or “mellow out” in ten or fifteen years. This forces the United States to make puppet alliances with bordering nations to contain communism, meanwhile neglecting our Atlantic community. The United Nation must be with bordering nations to contain communism, meanwhile neglecting our Atlantic community....
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