240711 arrays are built into the core c vectors are

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Unformatted text preview: to the core C++; Vectors are in the standard template library. 24/07/11 14 Review ì Write a C++ function named showOdd() which accepts an array of int and outputs all odd elements. Arrays of objects 24/07/11 15 24/07/11 16 Array of objects ì Can create arrays of objects. int main () { const int NUM_CARS = 2; // Use default constructor Car myCars[NUM_CARS]; cout << myCars[0].getMake() << endl; // Call set method myCars[0].setMake("Porsche"); cout << myCars[0].getMake() << endl; // Use 1 parameter constructor. Car myCars2 = {"Ferrari", "Pinto"}; cout << myCars2[0].getMake() << endl; cout << myCars2[1].getMake() << endl; return 0; } class Car { public: Car() {make = "--none--";} Car(string newMake); void setMake(string newMake); string getMake(); }; : none...
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