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Unformatted text preview: e data to a method. Must be a fixed size. Passing to functions: : ì 24/07/11 new copy of the object. // Create another car, and add it. Car otherCar("Ferrari"); myCars.push_back(otherCar); otherCar.setMake("Pinto"); Initialization list calls 1 argument constructor. string myStudentNames[100]; int myStudentAges[100]; ì push_back()... Create a and places it in the vector. // Add a new car. myCars.push_back(Car("Porsche")); Able to directly access methods of the array elements with [#].method() Person myStudents[100]; ì Vector Element Access // Create empty vector to store cars. vector<Car> myCars; Array of Objects vs Multiple Arrays ì ì : This creates an array of two objects, using the default constructor for each 24/07/11 Vector of objects Can add/remove elements at run-time, Knows how many elements it is holding. Arrays of objects, or vectors of objects, are great for object-oriented programs. 20...
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