Actual item in the vector porsche ferrari display the

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Unformatted text preview: porsche ferrari pinto [ ] accesses the...actual item in the vector. Porsche Ferrari // Display the elements: cout << myCars[0].getMake(); cout << myCars[1].getMake(); carArray.cpp 17 24/07/11 carVector.cpp 18 Summary ì OOD array of class Person: Arrays store many items of the same type. : Non-OOD uses... ì : OOD is better : Consider: ì : ì 19 24/07/11 Elements just like other variables (by val or by ref). Actual array is passed as a memory address; so it's always affecting the original array. Vectors like an array, but: : Adding 3 new attributes to the Person class. ì Sorting the array(s) into alphabetical order by name. ì Passing all th...
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