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Keyboard interacon keyboard interacon how to make the

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Unformatted text preview: _ng with the program –  (part of) the CONTROL •  Paint class contains the state of the program –  List of shapes to draw –  The current color (will always be BLACK today) –  References to UI components: canvas, modeToolbar •  How can users update that state? Keyboard Interac_on Keyboard Interac_on •  How to make the program responsive to keyboard input? •  Concept: keyboard focus –  A “Focusable” UI Component is one that can respond to keyboard input –  Java method “requestFocusInWindow” gives the focus to a par_cular component –  Registered KeyListeners for the component react when it is in focus •  KeyListener Interface –  void keyPressed(KeyEvent e) Invoked when a key has been pressed –  void keyReleased(KeyEvent e) Invoked when a key has been released –  void keyTyped(KeyEvent e) Inv...
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